Conversation is all around us . . . in the street, the park, the supermarket, the pub. Yet it seems conversation is under threat - from the digital world, the political shout-fest, the tribal and social groupings that divide us. That’s strange when the opportunities for conversation are so many and the benefits of conversation are so clear: the pleasure of sharing ideas and experiences, the nurturing of empathy, friendship and love from the cradle, if not from the womb, onwards.

- Tom Pow, Creative Director
A Year of Conversation 2019 is about us all celebrating, initiating and exploring conversation in our lives. There will be some events involving many people at places you might expect – festivals for example. But there will be many conversation events that are smaller and more intimate too. What is a ‘conversation event’? It’s simply something that’s been planned – that you might have planned – in which conversation plays a significant part or which gives rise to conversation. So it may be a performance of some kind or it may be a group of people (you have) chosen for a special reason to share a meal. There will be information about events on the website, but there will also be space for you to reflect on your own experiences of conversation.

- Tom Pow, Creative Director
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