Let's Talk

There are all sorts of ways you can get involved in A Year of Conversation. From staging, hosting or supporting an event to simply joining the conversation on social media.

If you’d like to chat about getting involved please do get in touch

The Year Of Conversation team and our partners are behind some exciting initiatives, but anyone can put on a ‘conversation event’. It’s simply something that’s been planned – that you might have planned – in which conversation plays a significant part or which gives rise to conversation after effects curso. So it may be a performance of some kind or it may be a group of people (you have) chosen for a special reason to share a meal.


Key themes for the year are:

  • Translation as conversation.
  • Conversation as a social good.
  • Conversation as event (micro and macro).
  • Conversation within and across art forms and across borders.
  • Conversation in a digital age.

And here are some questions about conversation that might be good conversation-starters at that meal.

  • What is a conversation?
  • What makes a good conversation?
  • Where have you had your best conversations?
  • Who do you have/have you had your best conversations with?
  • Where have you had a memorable conversation?
  • Why do some conversations stay with you a long time?
  • What have you never had a conversation about?